How to Buy


Step 1: Register Your Account

In order to bid and buy in our auctions you must first register your account. Click here to register. You will be charged a nominal none refundable registration fee of £3.00 to ensure that the card you register is genuine, and to verify and process the identity of bidders on the website.


Step 2: Bidding

Once the auction starts and you have registered with us, the bidding system will work in the following way. When you place a bid, your bid will be recorded and checked against any auto bids previously placed by another member, the next bid will be based on the increment table below. If your maximum bid is greater than the current bid, our system will run the auto bid feature and will bid on your behalf not exceeding your maximum bid, and always ensuring your bid is at the lowest possible increment. See Increment Breakdown

Please note: that all bids will be recorded in the bidding history tab which is situated below each lot., you will also see your bids (in your account area), under "your bid". Your maximum bid will be recorded under the auto bid tab this will NOT automatically be the current bid. This is only used to place bids on your behalf if someone else bids. If you are out bid you will receive an out bid email acknowledgment. Remember to account for the commission charges which is payable to the final hammer price. see FAQs.


Step 3: Payment

Once the sale has concluded you will need to pay for your items. We ask that buyers check out and approve payment immediately after the auction ends. Thereafter if payment has not been made within 3 days, funds will automatically be taken under the future pay agreement. The buyer's commission is 10% plus VAT at 20% where applicable. There is no VAT on the hammer price, only on the commission. When you check out, you can chose shipping if required and insurance should you wish it. Or you can opt to collect the items directly from us in person.

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