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More Than 30 Years Experience In The Watch And Jewellery Trade

At World Watch Auctions we love what we do. We love showcasing and auctioning desirable, collectable watches and to achieve the best possible price for our customers. Plus, our low commission rates mean that our customers get to keep more of the true value of their watches and buyers can bid with confidence knowing that they are bidding at realistic prices. We also pay you within 7 - 14 days from the end of the auction.

We have experienced Jewellers and Watch Makers who can give you a free valuation on your watch. Following our free valuation, there is no obligation to enter your watch in any of our auctions.

Please note that we can give an assessment and valuation from a description and good quality photos. However, we must have the watch in our possession to carry out full authentication checks and to value them more accurately.

If the watch is under guarantee we can advise you where to send it for a service or we can send it on your behalf. If it is out of guarantee and in need of attention we can advise you on the best methods of servicing and/or repairs to increase the value of your watch at auction.

The due diligence checks we carry out for authenticity, provenance and valuation are based on the evidence supplied by the seller and background searches on the watch. This means that buyers can buy watches in our auction with the knowledge and confidence that all items have been checked and valued by experts*.

The range of quality watches in our auctions gives a lot of choice to watch enthusiasts and collectors alike. No watches are kept on the office premises but we recommend viewing or arranging a preview by appointment before the auction begins. We also welcome any questions on any watch in any auction.

Please see full terms and conditions or contact us with any enquires

World Watch Auctions is based on the Fylde Coast with offices at Digitav House, 19 Caunce Street, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1 3DT.

Telephone 01253 486311; email info@worldwatchauctions.com

*World Watch Auction carries out due diligence on all watches based on evidence supplied by clients who are selling their watch. Every effort is made to guarantee the authenticity, the quality of precious metals and gemstones and the provenance of all watches in the auction and cannot be held responsible for any errors regarding the authenticity, value or ownership of any watches.

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